Ski Freeride mit der Schneesportschule Asitz in Leogang


“Off piste, freeride, slope Style” - no ime to loose and no limits in the SchneeSportSchule Asitz in Leogang

The sun is shining from the blue sky, the fresh powder is glittering in front of you, you can see your breath in the cold air. The guide gives you a sign and there you go into an amazing ski run through untouched powder . Sounds great, doesn't it? You should come freeriding with us.

Feel the freedom of the mountains

Freeride tours and trips into the backcountry are a breathtaking experience. Our ski instructors and guides in the SchneeSportSchule Asitz take you into their region. Next to freeride-ski-trips we do not forget about safety - the dangers of the alpine and the right safety equipment are part of our freeride lessons as well.

Become winter sports acrobats

Advances freeriders and future experts we take into the fun park. There you can jump over kickers, quarters and corners. Show what you're up to, when you grind the rails. Our guides and instructors show you the best tricks - they've ridden their skis and snowboard all over the world and know what slope-style is about. We also care about your safety - the right gear like back-protectors and helmets must not be left back.

The SchneeSportSchule Asitz offers special courses in:

  • ski guiding
  • ski touring
  • ski safaris
  • telemark
  • carving
  • ski race training

Rates & prices for freeride, new-school - for 1-2 persons

2 hours morning€ 140,-
2 hours afternoon€ 120,-
1 day private€ 245,-
Every additional person€ 30,-

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We reserve the right to make short-term changes for all our services and specifications.