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Das Team der SchneeSportSchule Asitz
Schnee Sport Schule Asitz

Our team

The team of ski- and snowboard instructors in the SchneeSportSchule Asitz in Leogang

Like in every successful company the base of the SchneeSportSchule Asitz is a team of experts and personalities. Handpicked characters, from all over the world, with lots of experience and much knowledge of our daily business - show and teach you the most beautiful sports in the world: skiing.

Our team members traveled far and come from different places from all over the world. A team of international members has many advantages. First, there are many stories to be told, and second, nothing gets boring, ever. The most important thing is though, we speak the languages of our guests. In the truest sense of the word.

Whether you speak English, French, Danish, Dutch or simply Austrian - our team members speak it as well. Thereby our people set 100% to the wants and needs of our guests - in matter of language and sports respectively. Wherever you come from, at the end of your ski holidays you will be capable of one more language: the language of skiing.

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We reserve the right to make short-term changes for all our services and specifications.