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Snowboard lessons in the SchneeSportSchule Asitz in Leogang

Snowboard lessons

“The board, that means everything” - learn how to ride a snowboard with the SchneeSportSchule Asitz in Leogang

Snowboarding has seen better days. The hype is over? We say no. A question, do you know how to ride a snowboard? Have you every snowboarded a deep powder line in the backcountry? Or have you ever jibbed around in a funpark? So, the time is ripe!

Being beginner is a short story

In the SchneeSportSchule Asitz we start our beginners lessons with easy to understand instructions and we start on a flat practice-hill. Get used to the snowboard and take one step after another. After one day, we go and try a blue piste and there are not many steps ahead to become an advanced rider.

You've been beginner long enough

You "dominate" your snowboard and not the other way round? You can control your speed? So it is time to work on your riding style and succeed on more difficult pistes without crashing. You are even more advanced? So what are you waiting for - let's check out some powder runs or let your instructor show you some tricks in the funpark.

Snowboard lessons' facts

  • Snowboard lessons from 3 persons
  • 3-day-lessons, additional days on demand
  • Classification Sunday or Monday
  • Recommended from 7 years on
  • From 10am – 12.30am

Rates & prices for snowboard lessons

2.5 hours, morning € 69,-
2x 2.5 hours, morning € 138,-
3x 2.5 hours, morning € 184,-
Additional half day from 3 days € 55,-

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